2016 IPSY’s Generation Beauty LA Experience, Schedule, Swag Bags, and Tips

So to close off the most epic January of my life and what seemed like the month of my firsts, I got to fly to Los Angeles (again) to attend my very first Generation Beauty Event! If you’re wondering what Michelle Phan (Mega Huge YouTuber & Owner of IPSY) & IPSY’s Generation Beauty is and why you haven’t heard of it, not to worry, because this event has only been around like 3 years. It’s very new but growing very fast.

Generation Beauty is a 2-Day, Saturday and Sunday, event that is open to the public and is geared towards all people of all ages, not just makeup lovers & bloggers. This event is different than other events because you have a lot more Meet& Greets, a lot of free products, and on top of that, each person that attends, gets what they call a “Swag Bag” on Saturday and a “Swag Bag” on Sunday, filled with even more free stuff! Sounds dope right?

Because I am part of IPSY Open Studios (OS) Content Creators, IPSY so graciously invited me and sent me a ticket to their event! I was able to meet a lot of people that I follow and subscribe to, I met followers and subscribers of mine, I got an insane amount of “Swag” and honestly learned a lot about the Social Media / YouTube world that I wouldn’t have been able to see from Minnesota.

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ipsy OS and my BFF @Sambolynne (Channel: HERE) for making this weekend happen and for making it so awesome! Sambo, her boyfriend Adam, and I all traveled there together and they let me stay with them for the weekend and were more than super accommodating! Truly the Ipsy OS invite and everything Sambo and Adam did for me was very generous and appreciated from the bottom of my heart!

To see my Generation Beauty LA Haul: CLICK HERE

To see my Generation Beauty LA Weekend Vlog: CLICK HERE

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4 Tips for Saving Money while Traveling

In 2016 I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot more than I have in pretty much the past 5 years all together. And although I definitely do not consider myself a jetsetter of any sort, I have picked up a couple things on my recent little adventures that could help you save some money on your next vacation or business trip whether this summer or down the road.

Happy Travels!


  1. Price Comparison & Research: I feel like in every single one of my “Tips” or “Tricks” posts I make, I always emphasize one thing: RESEARCH! I’m sorry, but I am a law school student, so research is kinda like my bread and butter ya know?

Anyway, when I mean research and comparison, I don’t mean just looking at multiple websites and picking the cheapest flight, I mean breaking down and comparing “all-inclusive” packages versus multiple one-way tickets to and from your destination, versus separate hotel and flights. Still not understanding me? Okay, story time.

So for my recent trip to Myrtle Beach, I kept seeing “all-inclusive” packages popping up everywhere. Like the name suggests, these are packages that you can buy for a set price and it usually includes your hotel for the length of your stay, and roundtrip airfare. I say usually because sometimes, these packages can have fine print that modifies the deal, but I digress.

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